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The Satya Story

We are a socially responsible company committed to researching, developing and manufacturing natural products to aid to a good quality of life. We ensure the delivery of the Nepalese goodness to our customers while ensuring sustainability in rural communities. Satya believes in enrichment through empowerment.

Satya Herbal & Spice Products Pvt.Ltd. was registered in 2020. Our parent company Satya International has been operational since 1995. The company was founded by Mr. Rabindra Nath Shukla. With an experience of 25+ years in the botanical sector, Mr. and Mrs. Shukla aim to bring Nepal in the forefront of the world spice and botanical extracts market. 


Foster global well being by empowering rural Nepal.


Deliver the best quality botanical products by:

  1. Supporting to improve the livelihood of rural communities
  2. Sustainable utilization of botanical resources


Why Nepal?

Nepal, apart from being the country with the highest peak in the world, also is home to a rich flora. Botanically Nepal forms a transition zone between the plants of the western Himalaya (including western Asiatic and Mediterranean elements) and the eastern Himalaya (with many Sino-Japanese elements). Adding variety to the mix are Tibetan Plateau (Central Asiatic) plants from the north and humid tropical species of the lowland plains (Terai) from the Gangetic plains of India and further a field into Indochina.

Central to this is the Himalayan range itself, a unique series of mountain chains formed by geologically recent mountain building events. These young massifs contribute to the diversity of plants, and have provided barriers to and corridors through which plants migrated during the ice ages.

  • Fact #1

    Of the total number of species found globally, Nepal possesses 2.80 percent of these plants

  • Fact #2

    Out of 5856 flowering plants recorded in Nepal, 690 species are considered having medicinal properties

  • Fact #3

    Nepal is ranked as 9th among the Asian countries for its floral wealth with an estimated 9,000 species of flowering plants

Nepal offers a great opportunity for the world to benefit from its rich ecosystem. At Satya, we are committed to bringing the goodness of the country to the world.


At Satya, we are cognizant of the quality of our products. Hence, we are careful in our processing of the products. This prompts us to ensure a maximum content retention in our products. We are assisted by our ever committed and well trained staff. Our labs and distillation units are thoroughly maintained and all the required protocols are followed by us.

Well Trained Staff

Our Labs and Distillation Units

Well Trained Staff

Our Labs and Distillation Units

Our Team

Rabindra Nath Shukla

Co-Founder and CEO





Riyaz Rangrez

Operations Manager



Sunti Tuladhar

Sunti Tuladhar

Communications Lead


Business Development Manager


Finance Lead