Sustainability is one of our core values at Satya. We are a socially conscious organization and we believe in the idea of growing together. We work very closely with the local and rural communities to ensure a better livelihood. Our focus on sustainable collection and processing brings pushes us to constantly strive for environmental sustainability. 

In our attempt towards sustainability, we focus on 4 sustainable development goals as outlined by the United Nations

Poverty in Nepal is centered in the rural areas with 86% of the population still living in villages–with agriculture as their main source of subsistence. Recent studies show that out of the total poor, over 90% live in rural areas. Hence, our focus on working with farmers and collectors in rural Nepal empowers them to earn a decent living and improve their quality of life.

True development of a nation happens when both men and women of the country are given equal opportunities to grow and make their lives better. With this philosophy, we at Satya are committed to empowering women in our workforce. From being a part of our farmer community to being the spine of our company’s operation, women continue to lead the way.

Currently, Nepal’s unemployment rate is around 1.47%. At Satya, we are committed to achieving full and productive employment, and decent work. Hence, we majorly focus on employing the local population. We constantly work towards providing our employees with a safe environment where they grow and thrive. We try and build a culture of collaboration, trust, and respect.

One of our core focus areas is to ensure the sustainability of the environment. While working with natural resources, we ensure that in the process of collection, processing, and extraction of our products, the impact on the ecosystem is minimal. We continually train our partner farmers and collectors for sustainable practices in their work as well.